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Budget Menus

Hamburger/Hotdog Braai

Beef Marinated Steaks Grilled over coals
Cheese Grillers

Hamburger Buns & Hotdog Buns served with toppings;
Grated Cheese
Sliced Tomatoes
Pineapple Rings
Dill Cucumbers
Fried Onions

Warm Mushroom Sauce
Various Steers Sauces

Fried Potato Wedges

Vanilla Ice-cream served with Assorted Sprinkles & Bar-one Sauce
Filter Coffee and Tea


Traditional Beef Lasagne
Sticky BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

Potato Salad with Creamy Whole Mustard Corn Sauce
Roasted Chunky Vegetables with Sundried Tomato and Drizzled with Olive Oil
Broccoli & Bacon Salad
Greek Salad
Cocktail Bread rolls served with preserves

Chocolate Trifle served with Ice-cream
Filter Coffee and Tea


Mild Beef Curry
Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Pie
Savoury Rice
Rainbow sliced Vegetable Bake
(Sliced Wheels of Sweet Potato, Butternut, Potatoes, Baby Marrow & Tomato)
Grated Beetroot & Apple Salad
Greek Salad

Baked Chocolate Pudding served with custard
Filter Coffee and Tea

Pasta Buffet

Beef Meatballs in a Spicy Tomato and Onion sauce served with Spaghetti
Chicken, Mushroom and Pepper dew Macaroni topped with cheese
Greek Salad
Green Bean, Bacon and Nut Salad
Beetroot Cubes with Feta and Rocket
Assorted Cocktail Bread rolls served with preserves

Strawberry, Nut and Chocolate Ice-cream Cake
Filter Coffee and Tea

Proudly South African Theme

Separate Buffet for each dish/ theme
Smoked Snoek flavoured with Apricot jam and Lemons served with Garlic Mussels and an Assortment of Cocktail Bread Rolls

Biltong, Dry Wors, Simba Chips and Dried Fruits served with dips

Mutton and Chutney Potjie with an assortment of baby vegetables served with Samp and Savoury Rice

Boerewors served with Pap and a Chakalaka Sauce

Mopani Worms and Runaways served with Umxumbothi

Baked Malva Pudding served with custard

Filter Coffee and Tea served with Koeksisters and Milk Tartlets

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