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Our Amazing Clients

They say it not what you say about you, but rather what others say about you that really counts when it comes to business. Here is a list of people who we have served:

Elize van Zyl from Arcelor Mittal

Connie from Auditor General

Cordelia from SA Local Bargaining Council

Maggy from the Chinese Embassy

Nester from the Department of Justice

Aleta from the Gauteng Provisional Government

Marinda from the IEC

Mexaba from the Department of Rural Development

Audrey from Liberty Life

Drienkie from National Treasury

Jean from The Presidency

Lorraine from the Public Service Commission

Tinus from the Road Accident Fund

Jacquelene from SA Bank note

Priscilla from the SA Mecical Association

Capt Mmakou from the SAPS

Mariana from the SA Reserve Bank

Thakgishi from Stats SA

Zaahira from Stein Muller SA

Lemaria from TUT

Jackie from City of Tshwane

Rian from UIF

Zagrya from the Water Research Commission

Abigail from the Constitutional Court

Our references are contactable and will be happy to vouch for us. Feel free to drop us a line to ask for a number or two.